DuPont Paint & The Chromavision System

Hardcastle has been using DuPont paints since the 1920s. DuPont has a solid reputation for producing quality paints for the automotive industry. Their research and development teams and scientists continue to improve their products, setting the bar for quality paint and eco friendly solutions.

DuPont ChromaVision® is a portable, computerized color matching system that views and reads the actual car color, and transmits that reading into the ColorNet® computer system.

ColorNet® compares that reading to the ChromaSystem™ formulas and alternates… then retrieves or creates that one that gets you to the blendable match that today's customers demand.

ChromaVision® looks right into the color characteristics of the paint - and thanks to advanced fiber optics, it's not tricked by different lighting, the way the human eye can be.

ChromaVision® uses a unique three-angle viewing geometry to define the car colors it sees - a way of viewing that's so different, it's patented by DuPont. It uses fiber optics, so it moves at the speed of light. And it's driven by the latest microcontroller technology, to calculate color definitions fast, and store them reliably.

ChromaVision® is the fast, easy way to generate a blendable collison repair match, or even generate a formula for an unknown paint color.

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