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Hardcastle History

The Hardcastle brothers began their business in 1926 with one desire in mind--providing quality service for each and every customer. Through the years this has remained the driving force at Hardcastle Auto Body & Paint.

The Story

Slim and Myron Hardcastle began their operation in San Jose in 1926 with what was known as the "fender run". Americans were now enjoying the mobility of a new contraption called the automobile. But along with this mobility came the occational bumping and crashing.

On a weekly trip, one brother would drive up the peninsula northward on El Camino stopping along the way at the various auto dealers picking up bent fenders and assorted auto body parts and returned to San Jose to their repair shop to straighten and mend the metal. A coat of black lacquer was applied. The next week, back up the El Camino. This started one of the first auto body parts recycling businesses.